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April 26 2019 03:33
Hai hai guys! It is amazing that you all still came back here. Website address is so easy to remember,!

February 28 2019 08:03
hello Smile

December 26 2018 15:04
hello fellas!

December 21 2018 08:08

October 01 2018 15:17
Ohhh damn...., have not been here in a while. Hello!

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Welcome to the Dynamite Planted Community!

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New Update

We had some web hosting moving around, then it got hacked, but I was able to get it back and operational. However, as this version of PHP Fusion gets older and older, it may corrupts or cease to work properly.


If that ever happens, I plan to mothball this glorious, historical (by internet age) website for museum / archival purpose, and launch a new message board that uses good social media interaction, so we can regroup and communicate again as this brother/sisterhood of this great community.


I would love for you guys to post in comments any contact point/reference (email, social media, etc.) you want dP and its members to reach out to stay in touch and catch up!


I think we should reconnect! Spread the good words to other dP members that haven't been here in awhile.

You know what I realized....

You know what I realized... all of you guys still COME back here, because you STILL remember dP and how it made a lasting impression on your life. Let turn this place into a social place for our dP until we die. We may or may not play these games anymore, but let's share stories instead, from old days to your recent life developments!


Spread the words to our lost fellow sisters and brothers in the far corners of the world!




"dP has a very faint heart beat, but it is not and never going to give up as long as we are all still alive. dP lives inside all of us." -WJS 

ET Sniper Cup!




We have concluded the first tournament in the upcoming series. We had 8 people participating!

We sat there for more than 4 hours, playing one duel after another - everyone vs. everyone.

Under the standard set of rules - person who got to 20 kills first, won the current duel. In the end, whoever had the most kills won the tournament.


After many shaneningans with our best-drunkard-referee Archon - here are the results:


8th place: Zeyos - 29 kills!


7th place: Deadface - 36 kills!


6th place: Slayer - 65 kills!


5th place: Archon - 99 kills!


4th place: Kalina - 117 kills!


3rd place: Whiteside -  127 kills!


2nd place: Rhovan - 137 kills!


1st place: MadMack - 140 kills!



Everything was on Twitch - here is the link for anyone who would like to watch:


Congratulations! And let's have some fun next time!




Quick Roster Changes & New Member

Hello there fellow dP:Members!

       I have two news for You today. One involving the changes in roster and the second is welcoming newest member!

I'm proud to announce the names of few dP:Members who are receiving a promotion today.


Slaut3r from Member ( level 5 )  to Senior Member ( level 6 )!

Kalina from Senior Member ( level 6 ) to Server Moderator ( level 7 )!

WhiteSide from Member ( level 5 ) to Server Moderator ( level 7 )!* 

Herzen from Server Moderator ( level 7 ) to Sr. Advisor ( level 8 )!

Rhovan from Server Administrator ( level 9 ) to Community Administrator ( level 10 )!

MadMack from Server Administrator ( level 9 ) to Community Administrator ( level 10 )!


Congratulations are in order to ALL of you. Keep up the good work and wear the dP tags proudly!

Also, once I figure out why the website won't allow me to edit the roster page, I'll take care of making the changes.


In addition - I would like You to welcome our newest member - dP:Archon!

Old TWC and long-time dP friend who finally decided to join our ranks.

Welcome in!




*Level skip due to involvement and outstanding activity - keep it up!


Remember all that stupid and strange lags we got on our Sniper and Frag servers?


"Dear Former Customer,

We miss you! =)

We have realized we made some major changes of late, especially the move to Chicago, change in IP addresses, etc. The move to Chicago was necessary because our former provider refused to give out more IP addresses.

We found out the main cause of certain kinds of lag spikes are not related to Chicago move, but rather caused by a very complex anti DDOS script we were using. It was great at preventing certain kinds of game server related reflection DDOS attacks, however the cost was significant: It caused horrible lag spikes; defeating the purpose of what the script was supposed to be protecting.

We are running a special just for you: Try Us Again Special!"


Son of bitches! What do you think guys? Do you want to go back and set up ET server and have the sniper server set up all over again?



Promotions: Whiteside, Sparrow, and ERINCON

I want to apologize to Whiteside for a long delay in announcing his promotion from probational period to full member status. In fact, he is already a full member of dP, but I want to formally announce it.


Also welcome Sparrow and ERINCON aboard as the probational members of dP.


Good luck you all!



Wednesday Night Sniping - June 1st, 2011

This was the first major Wednesday Night Sniping in this dP Hybrid Server's history.


Beside the fact that I was kicked off the server due to my computer's BSOD on Windows 7 thanks to my piece of shit RAZOR keyboard (Don't buy ANY of their products ever.), I want to thank everyone who came out to the server and hang out!


Yes! That's right! Off the hot press! Hot Doggity!

Dynamite Planted! is proud to announce the offical launch of the new HYBRID which will involve the sniping and fragging to satisfy the classic fun and tribute back to the glorious days of Enemy Territory. The server will be managed and funded by me for the next 6 months perhaps more.


List of the Map Rotation in order (for fragging only):

Supply Depot


Tower and Slider (My Personal Favorite. If you get confused or lost, ASK ME!)

Golden Dunk


Valhalla Overload






AE Sniper Challenge 2 is for the sniping mode only.

Next thing, I want to promote the Wednesday Night Sniping where everyone can come on and hang out for the sniping fun!

Last of all, there has been few changes to the structure of other games we are expanding. Due to  a low demeand for Runscape, we have decided to change Runscape to Metin2. I also want to introduce the new game to the PC Division, Minecraft. I have decided I no longer can support Combat Arms, so the division will shut down.

The current lineup of our divisions and their games:

PC Division:

Chairman- St. Michael

Games (FPS)-Enemy Territory (Game Moderator- St. Michael)

Battlefied P4F (Game Moderators- Rhovan and MadMack)

Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Game Moderator- IrishWolfHound)



Metin2 (Game Moderator- Dragongoddess)

FLYFF (Game Moderators- WJS, Malachi, and Fedora)

Minecraft (Game Moderator - Madmack)


XBOX 360 Division:

Chairman- Sungod


Games-Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Game Moderator- Sungod)

Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Game Moderator- Sungod)


PS3 Division (LOL PSN FAIL):

Chairman- Seeker


Games-Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Game Moderator- Seeker)

Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Game Moderator- Seeker)


Moderators are the guys who will manage the recruiting, ensure no members hack in that game, motivates the gaming environment in that division while maintaining the honor and integrity of dP.


Next big thing will be the new dP Logo, then a digital package with the new website layout. Hope to see lot of new exciting things. Start to come back to the website more often and do PROMOTE dP. Bring in new fresh bloods and help grow the community.

General Francisco Franco is still DEAD.

I have taken the liberty to update the website's engine, PHP Fusion to the latest versions for enhanced security and massive improvement in performance.


I also yanked and shook the Project Management section. Few of you should get an email with new discussions and milestones. I am really down for getting the logo DONE soon, so we can launch the new websites with official divisions in different games. 


I also am working on the new dP ET Hybrid server that will include basic fragging and sniping.



Important news.

Ladies and Gentleman, it has come to my attention that our great leader has come to a conclusion that no one will expect.


WJS has reached a conclusion to his term and has appointed a new person in charge of the clan. While he loves everyone, his fiancee is taking more of his time away from our lovely place here in cyberspace. He has appointed me in charge of the clan from now on.


I hope to be able to fill his gigantic shoes, so as long as you all help me, I will help you.








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