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Have any of you recently played ET?

25% [3 Votes]

17% [2 Votes]

I've thought about it
I've thought about it
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Started: 31/12/2016

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April 26 2019 03:33
Hai hai guys! It is amazing that you all still came back here. Website address is so easy to remember,!

February 28 2019 08:03
hello Smile

December 26 2018 15:04
hello fellas!

December 21 2018 08:08

October 01 2018 15:17
Ohhh damn...., have not been here in a while. Hello!

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Remember all that stupid and strange lags we got on our Sniper and Frag servers?


"Dear Former Customer,

We miss you! =)

We have realized we made some major changes of late, especially the move to Chicago, change in IP addresses, etc. The move to Chicago was necessary because our former provider refused to give out more IP addresses.

We found out the main cause of certain kinds of lag spikes are not related to Chicago move, but rather caused by a very complex anti DDOS script we were using. It was great at preventing certain kinds of game server related reflection DDOS attacks, however the cost was significant: It caused horrible lag spikes; defeating the purpose of what the script was supposed to be protecting.

We are running a special just for you: Try Us Again Special!"


Son of bitches! What do you think guys? Do you want to go back and set up ET server and have the sniper server set up all over again?




#1 | Kcale on June 30 2012 16:50
I should probably get a new computer, and soon I'll be elbows deep in dirty diapers, but a new sniper server would be great! All of us old timers, rolling around in our wheelchairs, double jump double shooting, strafe shots... you know.. .typical hax0r elite sniper stuff! haha
#2 | Herzen on July 01 2012 10:51
Honestly, I uninstalled ET a long time ago, and havent played it since. I gave up on that game because no one ever played on it and if they did, they were on the other servers. Not to put the idea down, but Josh, we tried having a server again and it failed. The server is active for about a month then it goes dead. That's how it was last time, and probably will be again this time. I know you want to hold onto the glory days, but dP isn't the same as it was back in 2005-2007. We honestly need a new style and new wave of members, and ET wont bring us that.
#3 | RhovaN on July 03 2012 10:33
Remember all that stupid and strange lags we got on our Sniper and Frag servers?

Yes. -_-

Anyway, you can give it a shot. Why not..
#4 | SnIpE on July 05 2012 16:33
I may be interested if the lag is truly gone, i need play again it has been to long.
#5 | Centrifuge on July 10 2012 05:26
#6 | Seeker on July 21 2012 00:29
Do it sir, Im willing to give some money for the server!

TWC is also still active and snipers actually go there, also some old skool players!!
#7 | St. Michael on July 22 2012 12:57
Sorry . . . been AFK for a while. I haven't sniped in a year, I think. It would be fun to try it again. But I would have to download everything again. Wow . . . been a long time.

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