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April 26 2019 03:33
Hai hai guys! It is amazing that you all still came back here. Website address is so easy to remember,!

February 28 2019 08:03
hello Smile

December 26 2018 15:04
hello fellas!

December 21 2018 08:08

October 01 2018 15:17
Ohhh damn...., have not been here in a while. Hello!

Shoutbox Archive

New Sniper Server


Please visit our new sniper server at:††

We're hoping this server will give our European brothers better performance as well as the US guys. So far the results have been good.

Let us know what you think.

Mahalo and Aloha

As the noon strike in Pacific Time Zone. . .

On the behalf of Dynamite Planted! Community, I want to extend our thanks and gratitude to our American Veterans including the current folks in the US Armed Forces. Just give them a simple thank, and it will brighten their day. Trust me.

-Wm. Josh Simpson
A proud son of a USAF Vietnam veteran, grandson of USCG World War II, USAF Korean War, and World War II Army veterans.

Another Promtion

Let it be known that Smitty is now a Level 9 Server Admin.

Congrats, Smitty!!!

Latest Promotion

It is my pleasure to announce that Herney is now a Level 9 Server Administrator.

Congrats, Herney!!!

Roster Update & Admin Changes

Bitches and Ho's,

Please see the Roster that was updated today. Many people were removed to MIA status. If anyone is there in error, let me know.

Also, we have created a new admin group called Senior Advisors. This group consists of longtime faithful former Level 8 or 9 leaders of our clan who are now mainly AFK for various reasons. Senior advisors will still be trusted sources for input on the leadership of this community - they just won't be in the day to day operations. They will still have access to admin forums on the website and retain most admin powers on the servers.

So going forward:
* The old Level 9 clan leaders will now be Level 10.
* The old Level 8 leaders will be Level 9.
* The new Level 8 will be the Sr. Advisors.
* Note: Level 7 and below will stay the same.

These levels have not been established on the servers yet, but should be completed by the end of this week.

There are also some promotions hidden within the list. Happy Hunting.

Quote of the Day

"It's easy to appease Kim Jong Il, just give him an unlimited giftcard to sunglass hut."
- J.C.


I am pleaseed to announce that Quickshot and Revenge will be taking the place of me and Rick as the new leaders of SDF frag division. They will be working along side of ericM. They will be in charge of recruiting for SDF, practices, and scrims.

Congrads Guys!


By the authority of the emergency supreme overlord, WJS

Ladies and ladies!

I was at school all day long about 10 hours, then I come home to get on the website to find out that I have been DIVED, FUCKED, SHAT, CUNT'D, ANAL-RAPED, HORSE-RAKED, MOM-MOONSHIN'D, Etc. by the mighty god fucking damn ole mighty force of SHITLOAD in my face with the worst smell of SHIT that goes BEYOND the EVENT HORIZON of a black hole that has been SHOVED UP my nostil and gagged into my throat BY THE TURN OF THE HOLY FUCKING SHIT DAMN COCKS OF EVENTS AND OH MY GOD ITS A FUCKING LONGEST RUN-ON sentence EVER.

We are a community of brothers regardless of how we can butt-hurt/dickrape each other. We are brothers because we all TOGETHER made what Dynamite Planted! is today to this VERY second as your breathe in your next air every possible time. It is the responsibility of the administrator to make the best possible decision based on his perspective and other feedbacks.

Even, if you disagree with what the admin say, he or she has the final words on it unless it is challenged by EVERY other admins to overturn without harming or defying the original intention of the original administrator. Now I ask EVERY single of you to please respect the administrators because they are working hard everyday to keep things clean and rolling the balls, YES YOUR FUCKING STINKY, FULL OF DICKCHEESE TESTICLES BALLS.

Now, be a woman and go other there to suck it up. If someone hacked, well too bad, because we have those basic rules and guideliness to WEED OUT THE BAD GUYS who could potential destroy the community. Please keep that way by not destorying the community from WITHIN because of few disagreements.


I love you all no matter what happens. <333

Your heartwarming friend,
Josh Simpson aka WJS

dP:[SDF-S] vs. '545

SDF-S banner

On the 27th of September at 7pm GMT 0+. History will be made, the on going battle and†arguments shall once and for all be put to an end, with the scrim to end all scrims. The decider of the #1 sniper skilled clan in ET is to be decided. Taking place on the '545 server, if u dare, watch in terror. As u, along with many, will become part of history.

The War WILL END With†One Clan Left Standing. One Clan Left To Pick Up It's Dead. One Clan Left To Wipe Away It's Tears For Fallen Friends As Well As Fallen Enemies. One Clan Left†With The Memories Of Endless Battles And Bloodshed.†One Clan Left Victorious. One Clan, Just One Clan, Who†Can Rightfully Say They Are..†Free.

The tyrants are on the loose again, They hate all but their own, They give their lives to kill us, To scatter our blood and bone. They care not whom they murder, Whether woman, man or child, Their minds are full of fury, Their sickness has gone wild. To rule the world with violence, Is their one and only goal, Terror is their method, They want complete control. Weíve seen it all before, And we could not let it be, We gave our lives for freedom, For the world, and for you and me. We fight all forms of oppression, Helping victims far and near, To keep the world from chaos, To protect what we hold dear. dP's the only brotherhood, That gives with its whole heart, And asks so very little, We always do our part. So letís unite again, To subdue our oldest foe, Whatever we must do, Wherever we must go. Letís show the world once more, That dP is surely blessed, With people who are heroes, Who meet each and every test.


August 11th, 2009 Photoshoot

I almost forgot but here it is! It is added into our photo gallery now.

T-Shirt Quote is in!

Cost: $13 each ($15 for the optional custom name included) + The Shipping Cost (The cost is unique to each member since I will be shipping them personally, and it will be the fastest and cheapest as possible).

The size is based on the pre-shrunk cotton shirt. (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL American-Sizes)

$45 Inital Setup Fee is required so I will have to figure out how to raise that before we get this shirt order going. After the fee, we can order any number of shirts as long as the design is the same in general.

How to pay: You can send me the money via dP's paypal AFTER sending me a PM that you want to get the shirt along with your full address and the SHIRT SIZE. I will PM you back with the cost of shipping, then I can use the shipping cost to ship the shirt to wherever you are.

Alternatively, you could send me a PM with the shirt request and full address, then I can reply with the total cost, then you could send me the money in the mail to my address then I would put into the dP's paypal account.

Keep in mind that I will order the shirts when I get all the money plus the $45 setup fee to start the first shipment of at least 10 shirts or more.

Once it arrives, I will take pictures of the shirts and prove that it is in my hands, then ship all of them to you guys who ordered them.

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