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April 26 2019 03:33
Hai hai guys! It is amazing that you all still came back here. Website address is so easy to remember,!

February 28 2019 08:03
hello Smile

December 26 2018 15:04
hello fellas!

December 21 2018 08:08

October 01 2018 15:17
Ohhh damn...., have not been here in a while. Hello!

Shoutbox Archive

dP:! ET/PB Help FAQ

Many of the fixes listed require the use of the ET console. When in ET, the console is openable at anytime by pressing the ~ (tilde) key located in the top left of your keyboard.

Some fixes also require the setting of cvar values. In the console, when setting (for example) cg_drawgun 1 (it draws your gun on the screen), simply typing /cg_drawgun 1 should work. If it doesn't, type /seta cg_drawgun 1. If that is not working for some odd reason, or if you want to change something while not using ET, go to your ET folder:etmain:profiles:yourprofile:etconfig.cfg (open with wordpad or notepad). then find the cvar you wish to set, and manually set it, in this case you would find seta cg_drawgun = 0, and you would erase the 0, put a 1, and save. This works for any ET cvar, though some require an ET restart to complete.

If you have trouble finding the help topic you need, go to the Edit menu in your browser and click "Find in This Page", type a keyword, and go.

PB Kicks and How To Fix Them

1:)Kick: Violation of Game Integrity #20006
##>>Update PB here.

3:)You get the following error when you join a server, then you get kicked: "WARNING*: WARNING!: Cvar cl_maxpackets (=15) must be INSIDE 30 to 100"
##>>Open console with ~(tilde) key and type:
/cl_maxpackets 30 (Press Enter).
The same applies to any other PB Cvar warning- open console and put the cvar at an accepted value.

4:)A tip for Linux GameArena users:
##>>"After using pbsetup to patch PB, I was able to play ET as root on GameArena without getting kicked by PB but not as a user. To fix this problem, I ran chmod 755 /usr/local/games/enemy-territory/pb"

5:)Valid CD Key is not reaching GUID AUTH SERVER(or something like that):
##>>The easiest course of action when getting that "Valid CD Key..." message is to wait for 3 minutes, and then reconnect.
Download and run PBSETUP from Evenbalance or
Connect to another server then bring the console down and /connect ipaddresshere to the server you want to connect to
Delete the etkey in the ETMAIN folder
Lodge a support request with

6:) Server Disconnected - Integrity failure (Props to Xinhua)
##>> Once on the server bring down the console with the "~" (tilde) key and type the following:
/pb_security 0 (press enter)
/pb_system 0 (press enter)
/pb_sleep 500 (press enter)

If that doesnt help, read on:
Download PBSetup to your ET dir, normally "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\pb" folder and run it. If that doesnt work, try manually updating PB from the PB security files here

7:)I try to connect to a server, but get a message about Punkbuster not being enabled
##>>You can enable Punbuster in the following way:
Via the console (accessed by pressing the ~ key once the game has loaded), type the following:
\pb_cl_enable (press the Enter key)

8:)If you don't know how to update PunkBuster:
##>>Several ways, either via the in-game console, by downloading PBSetup or downloading the updates from Evenbalance here.
To update Via the console (accessed by pressing the ~ key once the game has loaded), type the following:
\pb_cl_enable (press the Enter key)
\pb_sv_enable (press the Enter key)
\pb_sv_update (press the Enter key)
PunkBuster will now begin to update. When it is complete you will see yellow text providing the new version numbers

9:)PunkBuster Kicks you for Inadequate O/S Priveleges:
##>>Visit for the hows and whys of this.
Additionally, if you are running Windows, Check in START:Control Panel:User Accounts to make sure that you are an Administrator user on your PC. If not, contact your System Administrator to request Administrator account status. ET will NOT run under User or Power User settings.

9:)PunkBuster Cvar Scan results in Kick for sc_x cvar:
##>>You got booted for a generic cvar scan. No biggie. You got booted for a cvar starting with sc_. Biggie. You used a serious dedicated hack, go away. sc_aim is a good example, and is a residual cvar from using Crushr Flex.

ET Crashes and How To Fix Them

1) If you are running ET and the GetRight program simultaneously and ET crashes:
##>> Terminate the GetRight program

2) If the 2.60 Patch can't detect your ET installation:
##>>If you're handy in the registry, visit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Activision\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory and modify the install path to point to the correct location

3:)et6mapcycle.pk3 not found (Props to Xinhua)
##>>For whatever reason, the file hasn't autodownloaded correctly. Download it from Here and place it in your etmain folder.

4:)ET crashs on map change overs(usually Goldmine) (Props to Tent Fraug)
##>>In your \etmain\ folder you'll probably find incomplete files with the extension .tmp. These are the causes of your crashes. They're just files that you once started to download via ET console when you tried joining a server playing a map you didnt locally have.Deleting these .tmp files will hopefully fix the crash on map changes.

5:)ET Loads, but then I get disconnected for "An Unknown Reason"
##>>Typically, this is caused by your firewall/router not letting PunkBuster function correctly. Either disable your firewall, or open the following ports:
For Cogs: Ports 4445, 10080 and 11120.
For Punkbuster: Ports 27960, 24300 through 24350 For ET: Ports 27950, 27952, 27960, 27965
If you are using a router, ICS, NAT or a software gateway you may have problems playing on the internet. This is because the router may not be forwarding the correct information back to your machine. It may be possible to get around this problem using port forwarding or DMZ. You can find more information on configuring shared connections for multiplayer gaming at

Can also be caused by a blank Player name. Make sure you have configured your profile!

This same error appears if you click the Play button on the COGS Information screen. Make sure you join the servers by clicking the GA Servers tab, and double clicking your preferred server to join.

6:)Everytime I join a server, my resolution keeps resetting.
##>>Right-click on your ET shoutcut and add "+set fs_game etpro" to end of the target string. Should look like:
"C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +set fs_game etpro
This can also be done in COGS.

In ET 2.55, this can also be caused by ET not deleting the crash detector file, which resets graphics settings if left alone. If you find that is in your etfolder:etmain:profiles:yourprofile, then you must delete it before running ET each time. If you forget, and your graphics reset, delete the file, then go to your etconfig.cfg and do a "Search and Replace" of the word "unsafe" with a space or similar harmless character.

7:)You get an error "no free counter name slots" when trying to watch a demo:
##>>As a workaround, try setting b_demo_dynamitecounter 1 when playing back the demo.

8:)The game crashes, freezes or quits without an error message:
##>>Ensure your system meets the Minimum requirements,
Make sure Your Graphics card drivers are up to date,
Set your Desktop Resolution to 800 x 600, 32 Bit True Colour,
All background applications are closed,
From the main menu select Options, then System. Then click Set Recommended,.
There appears to be a problem with the latest NVIDIA drivers..More information available here. You can download older versions of the drivers from here.

9:)You get a message "This server is for low pings only"
##>>The max ping variable is set to 600, so if your ping is fluctuating, it's worthwhile hitting the reconnect button. The other times this error occurs, is when the server is full. Try connecting to a different server.

10:)You get an error "CdKey used by different ip address"
##>>Often caused by PunkBuster, ensure you have PB up to date as per the instructions above. If this fails to work, delete your ETKEY file from your enemy territory\etmain folder, then try and reconnect to a server. It should configure a new key for you.

11:)ET kick/disconnect: Incorrect ET.exe version.
##>>You don't have the correct version of ET. Click Here to get the updated patches.

12:)You get this error when trying to run ET: "GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem"
##>>You need to update your graphics drivers (START:Control Panel:Administrative Tools:Computer Management:Device Manager:Display Adapters:Your Adapter:Update Driver or go to your vendor site to manually update)

13:)You get this error: "WARNING: Couldn't find image for shader levelshots/mapname
Corrupt JPEG data: bad Huffman code
----- CL_Shutdown -----
RE_Shutdown( 1 )
Shutting down OpenGL subsystem
...wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL ): success
...deleting GL context: success
...releasing DC: success
...destroying window
...resetting display
...shutting down QGL
...unloading OpenGL DLL
##>>Somewhere in either your mod folder, the etmain folder, or the pk3 you are trying to load or check on connection (probably the latter), there is a jpeg (possibly a tga too, not sure) that has been corrupted. The Huffman code is the actual 'text' encoding for the image, and it could have been changed in wordpad or just corrupted in transfer and use. If you find the one (try to open it with WPFV or Photoshop) that is corrupted, delete that pk3 (or just the image if it's not in a pk3). If you can't find it, reinstall ET without keeping that mod folder and its contents.

14:)Couldn't load default.cfg - I am missing essential files - verify your installation?
##>>You may have extracted the 2.6b patch with folders intact, and The Arena has picked up on it.
Go to your ET folder in explorer, and look for a subfolder called 'Enemy Territory 2.60b'. Inside there, you'll find a 'win32' folder. Move the 2 files inside back into your ET folder, overwriting what is there. Delete the 'Enemy Territory 2.60b' folder.
In The Arena, click Organise Games on the left, then double click Enemy Territory. Browse to your ET executable if it is not correct.

PB Ban Information

Compiled from various sources. Listed by Ban Number ID.

#9002: MD5 Checksum Mismatch
##>> A #9002 - MD5 Tool check violation is considered a "Miscellaneous" violation, and will ONLY result in a ban if it's also linked to a cheat. For example, one file that is directly related to the Nexus Hack, 'extreme.pk3', is considered a cheat file, and the 9002 violation will result in a ban. (Courtesy |RR|SlippyTheWeasel)

If these and any other help you can get do not work, uninstall, redownload, and reinstall ET.

List compiled by CAIN,
Initial FAQ and idea provided by Hydra.


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