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October 01 2018 15:17
Ohhh damn...., have not been here in a while. Hello!

August 31 2018 10:46

August 30 2018 11:34
I think I'll make a forum post to explain what I mean by that. Really busy with school right now, so maybe next week. I'm also really glad to see that this page still exists.

August 30 2018 11:30
Hey! It might sound weird, but I just want you to know that I'm eternally thankful for you guys.

August 23 2018 16:23
alive ans miss all of you

Shoutbox Archive

dP: Self Defence Force- Sniper!

About dP: Self Defense Force- Sniper!
The tyrants are on the loose again, They hate all but their own, They give their lives to kill us, To scatter our blood and bone. They care not whom they murder, Whether woman, man or child, Their minds are full of fury, Their sickness has gone wild. To rule the world with violence, Is their one and only goal, Terror is their method, They want complete control. Weíve seen it all before, And we could not let it be, We gave our lives for freedom, For the world, and for you and me. We fight all forms of oppression, Helping victims far and near, To keep the world from chaos, To protect what we hold dear. dP's the only brotherhood, That gives with its whole heart, And asks so very little, We always do our part. So letís unite again, To subdue our newest foe, Whatever we must do, Wherever we must go. Letís show the world once more, That dP is surely blessed, With people who are heroes, Who meet each and every test.

dP:[SDF-S]! was created to respond to emergency calls and sniper scrims worldwide challenged by other clans and gaming communities. They represent the entire Dynamite Planted Community for their honor, loyalty, and friendship to the world.

The SDF-S team is willing to accept mature and skilled players. The roster for the SDF-S team is below. If you are interested in joining the team, please speak to any SDF-S leader. You will be reviewed, and may be required to try out. Selection will be unbiased and based on skill and maturity of attitude.
Leaders of the Self Defense Force- Sniper:
Self Defense Force- Sniper Members:*
Main team:
dP:[SDF-S]St. Michael!
dP:[SDF-S]W!Ck3D $!Ck!

*Players placed on the MIA list will be removed from the SDF-S roster.
dP:[SDF-S]! Upcoming Scrims and Wars!

|DC| vs. dP
January 22nd/23rd
7:00 PM GMT 0 // 1:00 PM GMT -6

dP:[SDF-S]! Scrims History!

|TWC| vs. dP:! [SDF-S] (Kills) - Win
Date: 11/21/2010
|TWC| 83:177 dP:[SDF]-Sniper!

*//DB//* vs. dP:! SDF-S (Kills) - Win
Round 1: 27 - *//DB//*, 30 - dP:[SDF]-Sniper!
Round 2: 31 - *//DB//*, 38 - dP:[SDF]-Sniper!

Abc*Elite vs. dP:! SDF-S (Kills) - Win
34 - Abc*Elite, 103 - dP:[SDF]-Sniper!

TWC |SST| vs. dP:! SDF-S (Maps) - Win
1 - TWC |SST|, 3 - dP:[SDF]-Sniper! (Over Two Maps)

[TMF] vs. dP:! SDF-S (Kills) - Win
16 - [TMF], 53 - dP:[SDF]-Sniper!

'545 vs. dP:! SDF-S (Kills) - Defeat
74 - '545, 51 - dP:[SDF]-Sniper!

[TMF] vs. dP:! SDF-S (Kills) - Win
38 - [TMF], 74 - dP:[SDF]-Sniper!

Kg' vs. dP:! SDF-S (Kills) - Win
Round 1: 21 - Kg', 39 - dP:[SDF]-Sniper!
Round 2: 35 - Kg', 37 - dP:[SDF]-Sniper!

[CU84] vs. dP:! SDF-S (xp) - Win
1878 - [CU84], 2968 - dP:[SDF]-Sniper!

ROSTER UPDATED by dP:MadMack! on 21/12/2010


#1 | 0ptik on June 24 2008 06:49
Updated the page
#2 | SKEETZ on February 04 2009 09:58
wow my names is spelt correctly w/ all capitalized. thats a first.
#3 | hyde on July 08 2009 22:05
You guys lost from '545. why don't you write that? Pfft
#4 | WJS on July 12 2009 14:49
I would never ever dream of this much WIN. Amazing job guys!

#5 | Revenge on July 12 2009 19:54
It's down to the hard work and great team work from all of the members. There will hopefully be many more victories in the future!

#6 | Revenge on September 24 2009 19:07
Welcome the newist/newest [SDF-S] recruit, Subl!me..

#7 | Combo on January 20 2010 00:49
My dream is get in this scrimteam Smile Its so AWESOME!!!
Maybe someday...
#8 | Teancum on March 26 2010 00:03
what a horrible poem

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