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April 26 2019 03:33
Hai hai guys! It is amazing that you all still came back here. Website address is so easy to remember,!

February 28 2019 08:03
hello Smile

December 26 2018 15:04
hello fellas!

December 21 2018 08:08

October 01 2018 15:17
Ohhh damn...., have not been here in a while. Hello!

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True Combat: Elite FAQ and Help Center

Many of the fixes listed require the use of the ET console. When in ET, the console is openable at anytime by pressing the ~ (tilde) key located in the top left of your keyboard.

Some fixes also require the setting of cvar values. In the console, when setting (for example) cg_drawgun 1 (it draws your gun on the screen), simply typing /cg_drawgun 1 should work. If it doesn't, type /seta cg_drawgun 1. If that is not working for some odd reason, or if you want to change something while not using ET, go to your ET folder:etmain:profiles:yourprofile:etconfig.cfg (open with wordpad or notepad). then find the cvar you wish to set, and manually set it, in this case you would find seta cg_drawgun = 0, and you would erase the 0, put a 1, and save. This works for any ET cvar, though some require an ET restart to complete.

If you have trouble finding the help topic you need, go to the Edit menu in your browser and click "Find in This Page", type a keyword, and go.

If you didn't understand a word I just wrote for you, place your thumb in your ass and dance around naked in the streets. Thank you for participating.

TC:E- How The Hell do I Install It?

1:)First thing to know.
##>>.48, which is the version of TC:E we use, runs on the standard 2.55 patch that we all know (it's the thing we first install when we go to play ET).

2:)Second thing to know.
##>>From what we say about it, it may seem like a different game. It's not. It acts just like any mod for Enemy Territory.

3:)Third thing to know.
##>>Like I said, we talk like it's a different game. You may notice that the pak files that make up the backbone of the conversion are huge- this is because TC:E is a total conversion of ET, changing the weapons, ballistics, skins, textures, and maps to suit the way it is in real and modern warfare.

4:)Fourth thing to know.
##>>TC:E, since it acts like any other mod, downloads straight from servers. Just connect to and you will download all the paks and maps we are currently using. Or, you can download the installer for .48 and other patches here. CAUTION: IF YOU TRY .49b (covered in a later question), IT IS MUCH QUICKER AND BETTER TO DOWNLOAD AND USE THE PACKAGED INSTALLER.

5:)How do I install TC:E .49b?
##>>If you like .48 so much that you want to install .49b, find your ET 2.60b patch, and then go here. Download the installer for .49b, make sure it installs to your 2.60b directory, and then download the patch for the 'b' build.

TC:E- What Are You Talking About?

1:)What is TC:E?
##>>TC:E stands for True Combat: Elite. Originally a merger of the two mod efforts called True Combat and Elite 626, TC:E is a total conversion for ET. It uses completely different files and a completely different feel, but uses the ET engine to compile them and give you a taste of what it would be like on a modern Special Operations battlefield.

2:)What is TC:E .48?
##>>TC:E has gone through several beta builds. The second most recent is .48, which runs on the standard 2.55 ET patch. This has many features which, despite the overall differences, are somewhat crude and follow ET fairly closely.

3:)What is TC:E .49b?
##>>.49b is the most recent build of the TC:E beta. It is much larger in filesize than .48, but is even more realistic, with better, cleaner look and action, and different weapons.

4:)Did I hear of something called EH:MW?
##>>You did. Elite Honor: Modern Warfare is a mod for TC:E (yes, a mod for a conversion- crazy, innit?) that has different weapons and some different feels to it. It runs off of the .49b TC:E patch.

5:)What's the status of TC:E?
##>>Right now, .48 is very popular still because it runs on 2.55. However, the competition and up-to-date mod is .49b. TrueCombat estimates that they will be releasing the .50 build very soon, so be happy- TC:E is moving forward to greater and better realism of playing. On the other hand, Team Terminator is missing, so it's doubtful that's going to happen soon.

How do I Play this Damn Game?

1:)Whoa- no crosshair.
##>>Yeah. There are no crosshairs in TC:E. Try pressing 'b'- that's the default way to change to iron sights. Those let you look down the sights of the weapon itself, and are the only way you can effectively aim in TC:E. The associated command is +zoom, and a lot of people like that on their right mouse button so they can do it quickly. That's done in the console with /bind mouse2 +zoom. If you're too lazy for that or don't like your console, you can go to ESC:options:controls and fix it there.

2:)Why does the little corner thing say 'Single' sometimes, 'Auto' other times, and shoots different numbers of bullets per click?
##>>In its efforts at realism, TC:E uses firemode selectors, allowing you to cycle the ways a gun fires, just like in real life. 'g' is the default button for that. For most weapons (and this changes from weapon to weapon), there is single (one bullet per click), burst (three rounds per click no matter what legnth of click), and auto (hold it down and spray it, or shoot manual bursts with shorter clicks if you want to be accurate). Snipers are all on single by nature, and shotguns often have selectors between Semi (pump for every shot) and Auto (shoot without pumping). Again, ESC:options:controls has a firemode button option that you can change to your preference.

3:)Why do I move so slow?
##>>TC:E is realistic, so you don't go 40 miles per hour when you're walking, like in regular ET. You go a normal walking pace. Try pressing shift while you run- that makes you sprint, but be careful- you can't shoot or aim while sprinting, so do it selectively when you really need to move it without needing to be ready.

4:)Is there a difference in accuracy when I move, am unsighted, or have a different firemode?
##>>Yes. Movement gives a more erratic shot. Standing is least accurate position, crouching is good, and lying down is best, but watch your back if you do. If you're unsighted, your accuracy will be HORRIBLE. You won't shoot at what you see. You'll be essentially shooting a loose cone of random bullets. Single fire is very accurate- in most cases, 100% on target. Burst fire varies, but in some weapons is more accurate than auto, and in some is less accurate. Auto, if you do short two or three-round clicks, is always more accurate than burst. However, in long clicks where you use a lot of ammo at a time, it's very inaccurate.

Wait- What Did it Just Kick Me For?

1:)HAHAHA HACKER! (PunkBuster Kick: Player Cvar: r_uifullscreen = 1) (Not Really.)
##>>r_uifulscreen is by default 0 in ET. On its own, it's not at all a cheat, but is protected by PB because it can be an exploit in combination with some other cvar settings. Sometimes it defaults to 1 when you start ET (nobody knows why). Servers will always warn you, however, if this happens. If you see the warning telling you that r_uifullscreen is 1 and should be 0, open your console and simply type /r_uifullscreen 0. So, just to clarify, it's protected, but it's not actually a hack cvar or necessarily user-set.

2:)Hunk_Alloc failed on #######? What?
##>>The hunk is how much memory is assigned to the running of ET. The cvar for this is com_hunkmegs, so you can find that and see what it's set to. At the moment, we're not really sure what the perfect hunkmegs setting for TC:E is, but if the number's really low, try typing /com_hunkmegs 128 or perhaps a higher number and then restarting ET. Note- this has also been known to happen in TC:E with corrupt maps. If you can connect to that server and play different maps, and it's just one bothering you, you should exit ET, delete that map pk3 from your gamebasepath/tcetest folder, and restart and reconnect or connect elsewhere to download that map.



#1 | Element on February 03 2008 15:57
I still don't get it.
How the fuck do I install this?
#2 | CAIN on February 04 2008 12:47
I still don't get it.
How the fuck do I insert this?

#3 | Trobe on February 07 2008 12:22
#4 | ericM on February 24 2008 09:31
Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

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