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October 01 2018 15:17
Ohhh damn...., have not been here in a while. Hello!

August 31 2018 10:46

August 30 2018 11:34
I think I'll make a forum post to explain what I mean by that. Really busy with school right now, so maybe next week. I'm also really glad to see that this page still exists.

August 30 2018 11:30
Hey! It might sound weird, but I just want you to know that I'm eternally thankful for you guys.

August 23 2018 16:23
alive ans miss all of you

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TheThirdMark wrote:
So if we say you can go out and F*ck Yourself, I dont have the feeling we will miss you at all.

Don QuiXote wrote:
*thinks about doughnuts, girls, and more doughnuts*

WJS wrote:
STFU prick. -WJS

Topher wrote:
Bottom line is...last chance given, last chance squandered. Rot. You have no place here. Begone.

Sungod wrote:
WJS's Thompson will light you like a Christmas tree

rsm said:
irish is my bitch

IrishWolfhound wrote:
LOL Who's the noob that can't spell their own name right? LucidCOW

CAIN wrote:
official eric thread hijack. well played, sir.

Motley wrote:,
I say kill him in his sleep.
His attempts to translate his shitty language into English is horrid and deserves swift extermination.

CloverGee wrote:
makes me wanna just grab it and stick my hand up its ass

Motley wrote:

Trobe wrote:
lol I just look at that picture everytime and I just think he's saying something liek...
"and THAT is how you make butter."

Sungod wrote:
You have just dug yourself into a hole, I am filling it with shit, now dig yourself out.

St Michael wrote:
If I can't cross and rape them, I'd rather take a pencil, sharpen it and shove it in my eye.

Clover wrote:

Quickshot wrote:
We all indiscriminately kick each other in the balls and that's the way it should be.

Kcale.merc wrote:

Ok guys, im a big fan of vagina and all. . .
But this is getting ridiculous


#21 | SKEETZ on November 21 2008 15:10
i agree. w/o ur spawn halo. its not spawnkilling.
#22 | Teancum on March 20 2010 17:40
Why is it that my lamest comment made this list?
#23 | Fatty on June 13 2010 17:37
I'm not in this clan.But sirsmoke weedalot..You got it all wrong bro..It's Stoners live Stoners die..In the end we all get high..If in life you dont succeed..F*CK THIS SHIT and smoke some weed Grin..I smoke this stuff alot
#24 | Centrifuge on December 29 2010 02:54
With a name like 'Fatty' and saying that you smoke pot a lot is like me being fat and saying that I enjoy food

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